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EVE has been featured in these publications: The New York Times, Rolling Stone Magazine, Salon Magazine, Wired Magazine


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What is EVE2?

EVE2 is a very powerful tool that allows professors and teachers at all levels of the education system to determine if students have plagiarized material from the World Wide Web. EVE2 accepts essays in plain text, Microsoft Word, or Corel Word Perfect format and returns links to web pages from which a student may have plagiarized. EVE2 has been developed to be powerful enough to find plagiarized material while not overwhelming the professor with false links.

Eve performs a large number of complex searches to find material from any Internet site. While it would be technically impossible with today's technology to build a program that could check every web site on the entire Internet, EVE2 comes as close as possible by employing the most advanced searching tools available to locate suspect sites. Not only does it find these suspect sites, but it then does a direct comparison of the submitted essay to the text appearing on the suspect site. If it finds evidence of plagiarism, the URL is recorded. Once the search has completed, the teacher is given a full report on each paper that contained plagiarism, including the percent of the essay plagiarized, and an annotated copy of the paper showing all plagiarism highlighted in red.

Try it! You'll agree that EVE2 does a very good job of locating plagiarism!

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